Breastmilk Ice Pops - A Natural Teething Remedy


Hey, Mama!

Ice Pops -BF.png

Ahhhh, waiting for that first tooth to pop. I don’t know if it’s more painful for baby or mom. Okay, maybe us moms are not in any actual pain (unless baby tried to use your breast as her own personal chew toy – ouch!), but the drooling, fussing and inconsistent sleep and feeding patterns that often go along with teething are enough to definitely test our patience.

By 6 months, most babies begin teething which can effect nursing patterns. To help soothe little aching gums, some babies want to nurse almost constantly. Others refuse the breast or barely want to nurse at all. And some might want to nurse then quickly pull off fussing or crying and no longer want to nurse after all. Does any of this sound familiar?

If only there was an answer to not only soothe sore gums, but also make sure baby is still getting adequate nutrition.

Have no fear…

Breastmilk Ice Pops to the rescue!

Also known as Breastmilk Popsicles, or Momsicles, these baby sized treats are an awesome natural teething remedy for teething babies. Made from the perfect food, in the perfect shape and size, these pops are the perfect solution to help ease the discomfort associated with teething and to help you both feel better soon!

Ice Pops - Breastmilk.png


  1. Fill ice pop molds (these are my favorite) with freshly expressed breast milk.

  2. Freeze ice pop molds.

  3. Let baby chew and enjoy!

*** While nursing, if baby is fussy and showing signs of teething discomfort, let baby gnaw and chew on a breastmilk ice pop to help numb gums. Then try to get baby to nurse again. Sometimes this is just the trick to get baby happy and back to the breast 😉



Now it’s your turn, mama! What was your experience using breastmilk ice pops as a natural teething remedy? Are there any other natural teething remedies you found to be super effective with you little one? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below!